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Doing your own servicing is a good thing to do.

You learn about your bike and how it works.
When something does go wrong its easier to resolve and when you ride it you have more of an feeling about what the bike is doing under you.
Its good to get to know your bike better.

You will save a small fortune with the hourly labour rate in the UK dealerships at £80 per hour and a FULL 12k mile service including valve shim adjustments potentially costing well in excess of £1000.

And last but arguably most importantly:
If you do it yourself, you know its done. And you know its done properly.

I originaly put these pages together for myself. Just a simple central place to put information I sourced from various different places,, but I just kept adding bits and this is what evolved.

Ive never paid anyone to do anything on my bikes apart from having tyres fitted to rims and a custom fuel map created for my Speed Triple on a dyno.

Aside from not lining the pockets of my local licensed thieves guild and saving enough money to fund a third world country, I enjoy escaping to my garage. My own little retreat from the world. My own man cave .

If you really dont want to do mechanical or service work on your bike yourself my advice would be to avoid the main dealers and find a local motorcycle workshop (Unless you have a new bike and are worried about warranty).
If you are in Surrey or South London or the surrounding areas, and you want a workshop with a fully qualified mechanic with a concience who wont take any shortcuts and the best labour rates on the planet, you wont find a better place than
Revolution Biketech in Kingston, Surrey.
Tell them Pump 19 sent you :-)

Whatever yo do, dont take your bike to
LINGS. The biggest cowboys, bullshitters and crooks Ive ever come across in my time riding bikes.
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