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42 - The ultimate answer
to the ultimate question of the meaning of life the universe and everything.

Or is it all just about eating pies.
This is my little bit of cyberspace.
A bit about me, a bit about my bikes and some other random shit Ive encountered on my search of the ultimate question to the ulitmate answer to the meaning life the universe and everything.
Maybe one day Ill find an answer. Maybe I might find out why I am stalked by me and why the world is such a fucking difficult broken place to live in.

And maybe there is a bit abiut eating pies.

Latest updates
What have I done to my website today.
Sometimes I forget what I was working on last and sometimes I just forget...
Ive actually updated a few bits because I cant sleep and Im looking for something to do, Ive added some old poems to the musings page and added some photos to the photography page.
Insomnia... suffering badly at the moment. Its almost 3 AM and on the TV is a documentry about Narcolepsy... I cant make up my mind if thats just irony or a big fuck you to insomniacs...

Things out of my control have sort of fucked things up a bit, I had months of updates and mising bits of service pages to update, and I lost it all on my work laptop.
Still I have managed to make a few updates and have some more bits to add here over the next few days including some new musings. Maybe I need a blog. Diary of a depressed fucking mug.

Right I really am putting some new bits up now.
Added pages for adjusting valve clearances on the Daytona T595
Added pages for removing and serviceing on the Daytona T595
I need to add text to some of the images still.

Well Ive not done anything with the site for a bit.
There just hasnt been enough hours in the days. But updates updates updates are due. Loads of Daytona stuff and a few other bits and pieces.
Expect it all to dribble over the oncoming weeks :-)

Added the first of the T595 pages. Bodywork and tank

Added a couple of links to the websites I like page

Rejigged the tools page a bit.
Added a tools review page.
Sorted out a huge folder of Daytona T595 stuff ready for a big daytona pages update shortly.

Added a basic page for a Daytona service stuff
Changed a few links that were broken or missing